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Episode 14 - Torres del Paine: Part Two

November 28, 08 from Chile

Day 3 and 4 of the trekking adventure in Torres del Paine in Chile. Sam shows warning signs of hypothermia and William makes a decision about continuing the journey.


Ryan wrote on November 28th 08 at 05:11AM
I'm glad to see that the culmination of the Torres del Paine saga ended with my favorite E.S. Posthumus song, Oraanu Pi, yeah it ain't Nara, so get over it William.
Ethan Kalkwarf wrote on November 28th 08 at 03:12PM
Wow. That's pretty insane.
Ethan Kalkwarf wrote on November 28th 08 at 03:12PM
Wow. That's pretty insane.
Mom wrote on November 29th 08 at 02:23AM
What an amazing adventure. Glad I new the outcome before I watched it. Love you guys!!
Susan Taylor-Drach wrote on November 30th 08 at 05:11PM
Wow...I am SO proud of you guys. I am spreading your website to all my kids, their friends and my family. We are all enjoying your adventure!!! God's blessings!
Kelli Romanchuk wrote on December 1st 08 at 12:54PM
great. if i'd have known you guys would be sleeping in t-shirts in the snow and walking around in those dangerous winds i wouldn't have let you go. BE CAREFUL! love you!
Kyle wrote on December 1st 08 at 10:11PM
Simply amazing.
Shane wrote on December 2nd 08 at 06:55AM
Excellent stuff. Your vids just keep getting better and better. The video geek in me wants to know though, what camera are you using? What sort of grunt has the laptop you're editing on got and what app are you using to edit? Anyway, whatever you're doing keep it up.
David wrote on December 2nd 08 at 11:15PM
Sam & William-

What an awesome vid! I'm really living vicariously through you guys. Miss you both and wish I could be there to share the bad porridge and badly sing Sheryl Crow songs.
SammyK wrote on December 3rd 08 at 02:45PM
@Shane: We wrote a blog about that not too long ago:

@David: Miss you too man!
shane wrote on December 3rd 08 at 06:13PM
Thanks Sam, I missed that post. Wow, neat little camera. Canon optics are superb - I miss my old Hi-8 camera for that reason. Your pictures are awesome. The solid state stuff really has come of age in the last 12 months or so since I bought my HD camera - I'm stuck using tapes for a while.
jami674 wrote on January 4th 10 at 06:52PM
Wow, watched your 3 Patagonia vids. I'm headed there in Feb for the W. Hope the weather is better for me! What refugios/camps did you stay at? thx!
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