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Minisode #1 - Thanksgiving

December 09, 08 from New Zealand

We celebrate Thanksgiving with the family from New Zealand via Skype video chat.


nick waters wrote on December 9th 08 at 04:59PM
Thanks for keeping the rest of us in your backpack! This seems to be a never-ending adventure; the recent car purchase included. Enjoy the sights!
David P wrote on December 10th 08 at 09:12AM
Happy Chicken Day guys! Isn't the Macbook Pro great, Sam? I pulled out my three year old Macbook Pro the other day and it's working like new. Always like hearing Postal Service on your videos! You would also like some stuff by Say Hi To Your Mom, which has a similar sound. Check out "These Fangs" and "Sweet Sweet Heart Killer"
shane wrote on December 11th 08 at 09:55PM
Scones, rhymes with "on" btw, with gravy? Dudes, that is so wrong... Cream and jam man, cream and jam.
Jam = jelly too I suppose.
Kelli Romanchuk wrote on December 13th 08 at 07:00PM
BUTTERFINGER CAKE!!! mmm. :) what a wonderfully sweet woman.
Jul McKenney wrote on April 19th 09 at 09:28AM
I did this with my family while i lived in Mexico for thanksgiving! The only difference is that i ate a microwavable burrito and not a beautiful southern breakfast. Thanks for sharing!
Tinekaiscool wrote on September 6th 10 at 05:23PM
ah i agree thats gross as, scones and gravy... they're sweet. I agree jam and cream on scones is amazing, or make chocolate chip ones they're awesome too
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