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Microsode #3 - Angkor Wat

May 01, 09 from Cambodia

The ancient civilization of Angkor and the ruins they left behind.


Daniel wrote on May 1st 09 at 02:57PM
Way to bust out some Epicon and freestyle running! The ruins there are so great.
Hiram wrote on May 1st 09 at 06:34PM
that was not very nice of you guys, towards the end. even if you didn't want the postcards, you could tell that little girl really wanted one dollar. i know you're on a budget, but one dollar? come on...
SammyK wrote on May 1st 09 at 10:24PM
@Hiram: Have you ever been to Cambodia? We got hassled non-stop while we were at Angkor. Someone was always trying to sell us something - a tuk-tuk ride, a t-shirt, a postcard, a whistle... and if you told them "No" they asked you at least 20 more times before they would finally go away. Even if we gave that girl a dollar, there would be 50 more girls that would ask for one later that day.
Sam's Mom wrote on May 1st 09 at 10:27PM
I love this one. You start out so dramatic with the music and scenery, then here you come with your Charlie Chaplain like craziness. Too funny! Thanks for the update.
Shane wrote on May 2nd 09 at 07:48AM
I'm with Sam on giving money. The kids probably won't see the benefit of the money. They're possibly being exploited by adults - forced to sell postcards. If you want to give, give straight to the schools or NGOs that operate in the area etc. We did that once in Uganda. We were approached by some people at a local orphanage and asked to help out so we did.
Hiram Foster wrote on May 2nd 09 at 03:36PM
@SammyK: I havnt been to Cambodia, but I've been to China. I know what it's like to be hassled, where people grab your arms and ask, "you like?" I just felt bad for those girls, and the way you laughed them off did not seem like something Jesus would do. ;]
Chris wrote on May 2nd 09 at 09:28PM
Hiram, "not seem like something Jesus would do"??
Are you trying to make these guys feel bad? Its an unfortunate reality these people are poor, but what other way do you want them to react?
Kevin wrote on May 3rd 09 at 12:39AM
Yeah I've been to Cambodia and I know how hard it can be. Still, I don't think there's any reason to laugh or joke about it. It's pretty sad.
ruthe wrote on May 4th 09 at 01:09AM
OK first let me say I'm sooo jealous! Angkor Wat is on "the List" and we've yet to get there.

As for the comments about the vendors who harass, follow you and won't take no for an answer - we've experienced it in Mexico, the Philippines, and Indonesia. I've had children literally hang on me, vendors block our way to our car, and follow us for nearly a mile - I'm sorry but sometimes it's so overwhelming it's comical. Not the plight of the poverty stricken, of course, but the situation you're put in. It can actually be quite exasperating as well and laughing it off - as the guys did - is a far better way to deal with it than getting mad as I've seen others do.
Hiram wrote on May 4th 09 at 03:28PM
I still love ya guys, I hope I can do the same thing someday.
But I think you should keep in mind that you are representing America and Christ (I'm not sure if you are Christians, so I apologize if that is out of place) to all these people. God bless and I'm praying that you two will be provided for throughout your journey!
Ellen Potter wrote on May 14th 09 at 01:32PM
Just had to mention to Hiram these are two of the most Christ-like young men I have ever had the privilege to know. They are representing our country,their families and Jesus very well.
Fun Lilliy wrote on May 15th 09 at 06:28PM
well that concludes Ive been back and forth all day watching all your videos and this was the last one.. till next episode.. I just loved it.. and the editing is great..SammyK all the editing and the hours that you are placing in these podcasts are wonderful and love how candid it is at times.. will be looking forward to seeing and following your journey.. be safe and good luck..
Scott wrote on May 22nd 09 at 12:10AM
William - trying you hand at some free running through some ruins? and a little bouldering? nice.
Jamie Powers wrote on August 28th 09 at 10:38AM
LOVE the music! The editing is amazing.

What was that tree on the building? And what was the ceremony at the beginning?

Jon wrote on September 11th 09 at 10:56AM
Hey Sammy,
Me again (iceland CS dude). This video and the comments are exactly what we talked about! But yea, great vids. Really brings back memories for me and inspires me to learn to use video!
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