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Microsode #4 - Saigon

May 03, 09 from Vietnam

Dedicated to Ryan Frith. Sam and William go to the basement of the Reunification Palace and instantly recognized it from Half-Life.


Ryan wrote on May 3rd 09 at 12:14PM
Woo-Hoo! Yay me!
El Clinto wrote on May 3rd 09 at 01:14PM
Creeeeeepppppyyy! The Reunification Palace from Half-Life...wowza!
Braeden wrote on May 5th 09 at 09:25AM
James wrote on May 5th 09 at 08:06PM
Was watching with my headphones on... that last bit freaked the heck out of me!
Fun Lilliy wrote on May 14th 09 at 11:00PM
Great video that last bit was really freaky.. loved the ladybug helmet.. looking forward to read more of your journey very inspiring.
Fun Lilliy wrote on May 15th 09 at 12:02AM
I just want to say after I played your few 1st webseries that I am totally addicted to it.. I will see all of them and keep following your trip.. honestly its like watching a reality show or something on the discovery channel.. great editing as well..
Scott wrote on May 22nd 09 at 12:14AM
@Braeden - don't listen to these guys... the cake is a lie.
Seth wrote on June 22nd 09 at 01:02AM
If I write a letter to my Congressman or start a petition or sleep in a tree for 48 hours... would any of that help to get another video blog out??? You guys are Rock Stars and your public demands more :-)
The incredible story of how two recent college grads are traveling around the world on an impossible budget.
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