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Minisode #5 - The Shire

December 24, 08 from New Zealand

We visit the Shire (where the hobbits lived in Lord of the Rings) in Matamata, New Zealand and William demonstrates the Tim Tam Slam.


Ryan wrote on December 24th 08 at 05:25PM
I swear, it sounds like you added in some fake baah-ing.
SammyK wrote on December 24th 08 at 05:27PM
@Ryan: Yeah, it was totally ridiculous. But I didn't touch the sound at all. It's all for real.
Scott wrote on December 24th 08 at 07:33PM
@William - the Tim Tam Slam looks AMAZING!!!
@Sam - I think some of those sheep were ready to pounce.
James wrote on December 24th 08 at 08:27PM
Sorry, everytime I see sheep I have to say this joke.

Q: What did the sheep say when the cow stepped on her foot?
A: Ba-a-a-a-ack off!

Sorry. Hope you guys have a great Christmas day in the Southern Hemisphere! It feels like summer here in Texas (75* high on Christmas day!) so you're not alone!

all the best!
Fun Lilliy wrote on May 15th 09 at 03:43PM
ohh.. those sheeps look so cute especially when they are looking right into the camera.. and that dog too.. you can almost hear them talking to it..
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