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Minisode #6 - New Zealand Christmas

December 28, 08 from New Zealand

Although sad being away from family and friends for Christmas, Sam and William make new friends and make the best of Christmas away from home.


melissa wrote on December 28th 08 at 01:42AM
happy holidays sam and william! :-)
Ryan wrote on December 28th 08 at 05:43AM
I'm glad you got to play some Half-Life 2 for Christmas, nothing like fragging zombies and using the gtavity gun while listening to Christmas tunes.
Corey from Canada! wrote on December 28th 08 at 03:39PM
Merry Christmas boys! You're enjoying much better weather than myself up here. -37 celcius with the windchill. Have a safe New Years! Looking forward to the next minisode!


ps. in regards to pictionary, the picture was a sunflower! right? Yeah, I'm right.:)
anna wrote on June 15th 09 at 03:10PM
awesome!!! hehe, will always remember christmas in new zealand! thanks guys!
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