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Minisode #8 - New Yearzealand

January 09, 09 from New Zealand

We celebrate the most awkward New Years we have ever celebrated. We also try to get Scott to stuff balloons in his shirt for someone to punch.


Benny Lewis wrote on January 10th 09 at 01:08AM
Thanks for sharing!! I had really disappointing dull New Year's all my life UNTIL this time :D I won't be posting the video up in English, but you can select English subtitles on this post (change Esperanto 100% to English 100%).
I have no doubts that soon you'll find some excellent parties that don't involve getting drunk and bumping into eachother ;)
Benny Lewis wrote on January 10th 09 at 01:11AM
Ah, you've disabled adding links! Clever ;) Go to my site and click Esperanto :P
I found out that a lot of European countries play "It's the final countdown" - that 80s song just before midnight. The best part was at 1am I got my very own Irish countdown and they played U2 "New Year's Day" :P I had a line of people waiting to give me hugs! Excellent start to 2009 :D
Ryan wrote on January 10th 09 at 09:53AM
Glad to see that some of my camera work made it into your video, and that Scott's silliness can be shared world wide!
Kirsten wrote on January 10th 09 at 11:31AM
"No,NO! No balloons are going up my shirt!" That was the best line ever and made me laugh out loud :) Glad you guys were able to share some internet time with friends at home after your awkward yet surely memorable New Years 2009.
Scott wrote on January 10th 09 at 12:54PM
HAHAHA! I am STILL laughing about this... I even went back and watched the all the videos from that night... CRAZY!

Yeah... that was a whole lot of awkward for the NZ New Year.
Corey wrote on January 10th 09 at 02:33PM
I totally second Kirsten's comment. Best line eva!

Happy New Years guys. Sorry it was so awkward. Much better to have avoided the drunken mess that was the bar. It gets old.

Either way, I bet it's a New Years you'll never forget.
ethan wrote on January 11th 09 at 12:07AM
thats so funny
that must have been so awkward
David P wrote on January 17th 09 at 11:21PM
Dude that's hilarious!
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